Building your market and building your product go hand-in-hand. Success in both relies on processes that generate new insights and practical solutions. 

Ξ Analyze effectiveness of current product and customer development practices, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement plans for transformation.

Ξ Dig deep into the needs and preferences of students, teachers, and decision-makers through surveys, campus visits, focus groups, expert summits, advisory boards, and pilots.

Ξ Understand and anticipate the dynamics of the sales process and supply chain.

Ξ Create innovative products that solve important problems, are easy to use, and build positive relationships.

Ξ Use every interaction with your customers strategically to achieve market fit, deepen your understanding, build awareness, and drive business.

Ξ Develop coordinated launch plans that get your product and company noticed by the right people at the right time.

Ξ Plan, review, and revise product roadmaps that balance market opportunities with your organization’s capacities and goals.