cross section of treeToday’s education market is bursting with new possibilities, as schools push to equip students for the challenges of the 21st century. To flourish, organizations need a clear vision, a culture of innovation and collaboration, and processes that ensure the efficient flow of information.

Ξ Create successful strategic plans based on the trends in teaching practice and learning science; the values and needs of schools, teachers, and students; and your organization’s capacities and goals.

Ξ Optimize process and structure, improve coordination, streamline workflows, and sharpen communication.

Ξ Explore new revenue opportunities, whether by uncovering new markets, creating new products and services, or optimizing customer engagement.

Ξ Build motivated teams, foster innovation, provide training and guidance, and develop new talent.

Ξ Maximize profitability, manage budgets and schedules, and increase productivity.

Ξ Analyze the effectiveness of your current practices and implement plans for change.


“DENISE LISTENS, ANALYZES, AND TAKES POSITIVE ACTION. She is a powerful leader because she coaches teams to discover solutions. When I discuss work problems with Denise, she helps me see new possibilities. I value her vision.

“As President of Bedford/St. Martin’s, Denise launched new product models and grew the business. She fostered a working environment where everyone (students, instructors, authors, publishers) reaped the rewards of innovation. Grounded by her masterful knowledge of learning design and how teaching really happens, Denise is one of those rare talents who can get new products into classrooms.”

–Susan Brown, Director, Content Management Solutions, Macmillan Learning